The Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) is a business development services program d e v e l o p e d b y t h e I LO i s c u r re n t l y implemented in over 130 Countries across the globe. It empowers SMEs, Women, Men, Youth to start new business and improve on the exis􀆟ng ones, hence contribu􀆟ng to decent jobs crea􀆟on and improvement of the Countries’ economies. Since its incep􀆟on in the 70s, the SIYB has empowered over 15m entrepreneurs, trained and cer􀆟fied over 60,000 trainers and over 300 Master Trainers. BDSPN is the accredited Partner O r g a n i z a 􀆟 o n ( P O ) o f t h e I L O t o opera􀆟onalize SIYB in Uganda to build capacity for SIYB Trainers who in turn empower SMEs to start and improve their businesses.