BDSPN is a member based organization (with individual and corporate member categories) legally registered in 2014 as a nonprofit making organization limited by guarantee, under the companies Act 2012.

The Formation of the BDSPN was spearheaded by Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) and GET Ahead Trainers and Master Trainers with the support of ILO – Uganda in 2013.

The Network is basically involved in business trainings, mentorship and coaching youth and potential or existing entreprenuers across all the 5 regions of West Nile, Central,  Western, Eastern and Northern regions of Uganda. These activities are supervised directly by the regional coordinators of the BDSPN.

A world with innovative sustainable businesses.

Provision of tailored professional business development services to the private and public sector.

  • Credibility: From partners, trainers and other stakeholders.
  • Quality: Ensure quality of Business Development Services
  • Accessibility: To all those who need Business Development Services
  • Centrality: ILO packages to take central place in delivery of Business Development Services
  • Flexibility: Business Development Services to be responsive to all target groups
  • Ensuring accessibility of business development services for micro, small, medium and large enterprises.
  • Building capacity of business development service providers.
  • Developing and maintaining strategic alliances with stakeholders.
  • Mainstreaming cross cutting issues of gender, environment, HIV/ AIDs for increased incomes and sustainable livelihoods
  • To coordinate business development services of its clients and members to link them upto end-users and, potential partners, sponsors, BDS consulting and other opportunities.
  • To ensure quality control in service provision and register business development service training activities carried out by member organiations in a central database.
  • To advocate and represent the interests of BDS providers to government and other stake holders.
  • To protect copyright, ensure quality, print and distribute the materials of ILO training packages under licence from ILO
  • To widely disseminate information on international best practice in business development services by way of publications, conferences and workshops, business fairs, a quarterly newsletter and a website.